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Club Uniform

All players must wear the official uniform for all matches:

  • Official jumper provided by the Club for use in the season free of charge (delivered
    by Team Manager prior to Round One)
  • Official SMJFL shorts Black(home) / White(away) purchased from the Club
  • Official Black & Green SMJFL socks purchased from the Club
  • Mouthguard – purchased from your dentist/chemist.

Optional Equipment

  • Helmet
  • Bike Pants/Skins– SMJFL By-Law 9.10. Players who wear undergarments (i.e.
    compression skins) extending on the legs below the line of the uniform shorts must
    wear such shorts which are beige, black or the same colour as the shorts being worn
    and must not extend below the knee.
  • All ‘other’ apparel for players and spectators can be purchased through our website
    (insert link to store –
  • Players may wear sports specific glasses that have been designed for use in contact
    sports i.e. shatter proof.

Football Boots

Please note, stops in players’ boots must not have sharp edges. Aluminium or stainless steel
stops are prohibited.
Further information and rules regarding club uniforms can be found in the SMJFL By-Laws.