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Milestone Banners

How To Create Your Banner 

Are you celebrating a milestone game? 50 games, 100 games, 150 games?

It is fantastic to see the players milestones celebrated with their teams and Panther families. You are encouraged to make or order a banner for these occasions for the player(s) to run through as they take to the field. In many cases, there are multiple players celebrating the same milestone together so one banner can be made for all.

To make a banner:

  • Firstly book the banner poles by emailing
  • You will need to pay a $10 donation to the club for materials, crepe paper, tape etc.
  • Print and cut out the letters and numbers you need for your player or multiple players eg; Johnny 6. Some banners may also require you to cut out the words congratulations and 50 games. Please ask when you email the secretary which banner you will be booking as some already have a top printed section that says congratulations.
  • Let us know when you would like to come to the clubrooms (usually during training) to make your banner. Then we can have the materials ready for you. This can take between 1 and 2 hours so its best to get helpers.
  • Usually, there is someone experienced to assist, so ask someone with older kids to assist, or let us know you need help to get started. When finished roll your banner up and store in a safe place in the clubrooms until your game.
  • Please make sure at the end you clean up your banner leaving it ready for the next person.

To buy a banner:

  • Some families, especially when there are multiple players prefer to have a banner made professionally. We do not have a preferred supplier but we have used and can recommend Milestone Banners in Carrum downs. For a quote please contact