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Special Awards

Anzac Aussie Spirit

Since 2017, the Cheltenham Junior Football Club has been awarding the Aussie Spirit Award to its players. The award is DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) approved and is awarded to the best player on the ground during the round one game (Anzac Day weekend). Players are nominated by the opposition Coach and Team Manager.

The purpose of the award is to commemorate ANZAC day and the qualities that encompass the ANZAC spirit. These qualities include: determination, sportsmanship, bravery, selfless acts and/or team orientated acts. These four key criteria have been chosen as a tribute to the men and women who fought to ensure we are able to lead the comfortable lifestyle we live today, and it gives the junior players an opportunity to learn about the ANZAC’s dedication and how to use these qualities in their everyday lives.

The award was initiated by the Moser family, who have three children playing for the Cheltenham Panthers. It is ultimately a great initiative as it gives young footballers the chance to be rewarded for acts of courage and bravery on the field.

Geoff McKinnley Team Spirit Award

In recognition of his tireless work over the years, the Geoff McKinley Team Spirit Award is for players of all age groups.

This award recognises not necessarily the best player but the player who best displays the qualities of sportsmanship, commitment, dedication and team spirit. These are the qualities that our club strongly encouraging in all of our players.

Selection criteria includes the player who both on and off the field:

  • Shows respect to all
  • Interacts positively with team mates and players from other teams
  • Supports team mates
  • Shows persistence, determination and commitment throughout the season
  • Participates in Club Activities

This very important award does not necessarily go to the player with the most talent or skill but to the player with the most dedication and sportsmanship. This player is someone who could be depended upon to be present at each and every game and training session, who works with the coach and teammates for the good of the whole team. This player is someone who every coach would like on their team due to their level of commitment and willingness to learn.

All Coaches and Team Managers are asked to submit names of players who would be deserving of this award and provide a brief written explanation as to why this player is being nominated via a nomination form. Those players who are nominated for an award will be presented with a certificate at Family Nights. At the end of the year all the nominations will be reviewed by a sub committee and one player will be chosen to receive the award. This will be presented at our whole club end of year Presentation Day.

Lyn Worrell Perpetual Trophy

In memory of Lyn Worrell, a Panthers Mum, who tragically lost her life in June 2006, the Cheltenham Junior Football club dedicated a perpetual trophy to recognise the valuable contribution women make in Junior Football as Lyn played a big part in the Cheltenham Junior Football Club.

In previous years there was a Mums v Mums football game to honour Lyn’s name, but the competitive spirit of the game quickly saw some serious injuries. So, in 2015 the Lyn Worrell perpetual trophy was born.

Steve Worrell and his sons, Tom, Jack and Max attend our annual CJFC Presentation Day to proudly present the recipient with the trophy.

The recipient of this trophy is chosen by the committee and passed on by the previous winner.
Jack Worrell, who was 14 when his mother passed is now the Captain of the Cheltenham Rosellas.

If you would like to know more about Jack’s story click here.

Tom, Jack and Max Worrell will pay tribute to their mum as part of the TAC’s Towards Zero football round.
Tom, Jack and Max Worrell will pay tribute to their mum as part of the TAC’s Towards Zero football round.


Previous winners of the Lyn Worrell Trophy.

2014 – Sue Hibbs
2015 – Tori Brookes
2016 – Petrina Carr
2017 – Bree Vallance
2018 – Kelly Roberts
2019 – Emma Dobel