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  1. CJFC August Update
  2. 2020 Season Focus is All About The Kids
  3. Saints Partner With Cheltenham Junior Football Club

Our Life Members

CJFC Life Members

D. Fisher
J. Hodge
P. Fisher
H. Haggarty
G. Bayliss
P. O’Reilly
G. McKinley
L. Fase
R. Knoppers
G. L’Hullier
L. McKenzie
C. Anderson
G. Reid
D. Reid
S. Anderson
P. Day
W. Mackenzie
A. Martin
V. Murton
J. Mackenzie

M. Holman
G. Brown
J. Shanahan
S. Maitland
P. Coglhan
D. Wadley
P. Richards
J. Bailes
B. Clarke
F. Meo
R. Grech
M. Brookes
A. Bonwick
M. Dingli
T. Vearing
T. Brookes
J. O’hara
D. Moser
B. Vallance
P. Ursprung

Hon. Life Members

S. Bayliss

P. Kambouris